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What is SEO?

Remember: just because you build it, people will not magically come to your website.  Getting websites found with effective search engine optimization is crucial to having your website help achieve your marketing goals.

Our experience has also proven that web design and SEO are inextricably tied together in numerous ways. Keywords are a major part of effective SEO and need to be used properly throughout the content of your website – as well as in title tags, alt text, meta descriptions, and image tags and titles.

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Digital Marketing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization – refers to a set of practices that maximizes the likelihood that your website will be found through organic search. One of the biggest developments of the past few years is the influence integrated social media can have on strong SEO. We can help to develop seamless connectivity with website design that includes social share buttons and other features to improve SEO visibility. In addition, mobile optimization is becoming more and more important to search engine rankings, and utilizing responsive web design will optimize the website for all types of devices.

Usable, relevant and searchable content is crucial to creating your on-line marketing success.