LinkedIN Company Pages. Why Not!

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A client asked the other day to explain the value of LinkedIN Company pages. I was so enthralled by the words I wrote, I decided it was a decent blog post.
Are LinkedIN Company Pages right for you?Some sources claim LinkedIN has well over 200 million worldwide members. Other research sources claim the United States alone has nearly 85 million of those users (November 2013) and that 27% of the entire adult population is actively using the business-networking platform.

LinkedIn allows a company to join and create LinkedIN Company Pages. These profiles consist of a company summary including a business overview, available jobs, employees who work at the company and even testimonials from customers and clients about products and services offered.

LinkedIN Company Pages

Having a LinkedIn company profile offers an organization additional exposure at no cost – in the areas of:

  • Marketing. Listing of relevant company information including size, mission statement and specialties are all open to public users of LinkedIN. A list of employees’ LinkedIN profiles can be included if each employee has an individual LinkedIN profile published. This can provide potential customers the opportunity to determine if they are already connected to any of your employees – for reference or informational purposes.
  • Sourcing. Having a company profile gives people the opportunity to learn more about your key products and unique services. This has marketing benefits from a search perspective. Users can utilize searching functions to identify potential sources of services – and find BDA without necessarily knowing you by name.
  • Partnerships. Having a company page allows people to follow your business and provide testimonials about products, services and people.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Having a LinkedIN company page has the potential to push your company name higher in the search engine rankings – this according to LinkedIN is considered to have strong “authority” with Google and the other major search engines. Company profiles should also link to key blog posts – further strengthening SEO connectivity.
  • Recruitment. Many companies choose LinkedIN as a primary source on employee recruitment. By definition, the medium is able to put messages in front of “like-minded-people” who either are prime prospects – or, can refer the opening to prime prospects within their network of connections.

Never underestimate the number of times each day that potential customers “check-you-out” to see if they know someone…who knows someone….who knows something about your business. Besides, what company couldn’t stand a little more help in ALL of the above areas of your marketing?