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Long before websites were ever invented,  TV ads played an important role in influencing the way I thought about the world. One ad has stayed with me through the years…was it for Dial Soap?

While they were talking about cleanliness or body odor, it perfectly applies to branding – and, to the first impression websites make on potential customers.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Your website qualifies prospects who you may never get the chance to meet. Does it reflect positively on your business? The look, feel and overall design of websites play a huge role in communicating with consumers and influencing their preferences. Websites that are not professionally designed or maintained to current standards can discourage visitors from taking your business seriously within your product or service category.

Web Design

This phrase not only refers to the way the site appears to visitors and the way that they interact with it on the web – but, the term is also used to describe the behind-the-scenes aspects of website creation. Factors like layout, graphics, content, and brand signals like logos, colors and font choices all converge to shape the overall look and feel of your website for visitors. Successful website design creates a positive and lasting first impression in the minds of consumers and imparts the brand-promises your company wants to convey.

Successful website design creates a positive and lasting first impression in the minds of consumers

The technology tools of “Do it Yourself” websites has never been easier or cheaper to acquire. But, just because you can – does not mean you should. Much like any DIY project around the house, you can buy or rent the tools – but, experience teaches you how to properly build, remodel or repair. The same holds true with web design and site building. In the long run, it is best to hire an experienced firm to ensure that your company’s website portrays your brand in the most positive and compelling way possible.

Responsive Website Design and Why it is Crucial to your site

Responsive design refers to the type of back-end website coding that allows websites to “respond” to the devices upon which they are being viewed. Responsive web design has proven to be a highly effective way of adapting a website to suit the needs of mobile users.

Have you checked recently to see how large a percentage of your site visitors are using your site via smart phones and tablets? It will surprise you!

Desktop search is in sharp decline. Our project strategists know the best methodologies to make your web pages compatible with iPads, tablets, laptops and smartphones – and, how to get them found by interested consumers.

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