Brand-MD is an experienced and multi-talented Indianapolis-based Marketing, Advertising and Branding agency offering expertise in all aspects of brand positioning and messaging. We are comfortable working with clients on single projects or we can execute integrated brand programs across multiple media and channels.

We believe that branding is more complex than simple logo development and a color scheme. Our goal is to help companies identify their position in the marketplace and then create an approach, a look and an image with maximum impact in mind.

When successful, the process simplifies and condenses the brand promise – making it more direct, targeted and impactful.

Branding with Brand-MD

What does your brand truly say about you? Does it convey an accurate concept in the minds of your intended target? Does it communicate the unique essence of your business or organization? Our goal is to make sure your brand communications and the way consumers experience your brand captures the essential value your brand has to offer.

Branding and advertising are very intertwined. Any great advertising not only tries to help sell a product or service, it must position a brand as an icon that represents a set of values and expectations – and, preferences. As the various media delivery systems continue to change and evolve, effective branding transcends these transitions. Competitive companies will always need to differentiate themselves thru consistent branding.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the creative process gets to the “truth” about your brand. We want our final output to be not only visually appealing and resonant in the minds of consumers – but, we want to deliver brand assets that substantially contribute to the company’s strategic business goals.

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Your brand – your logo, your images, your sales-marks and signs – are all valuable assets of your company that can help to drive your business forward – or, stunt your chance of growth.

Brand-MD takes the process of effective branding seriously. We welcome the chance to work on projects that address the branding goals of your business. We know you will be pleased with the results.