New TV Ads for Great Client

wmichaeldavidson Video

I am a huge proponent of video as a tool in marketing businesses.  Video helps to better communicate the unique values of those businesses in terms of what they have to offer consumers. These new TV Ads were created from long-form SHOWCASE VIDEOS. These are the types of videos that have detailed and lasting communication value. We always recommend amassing durable video assets for clients because of the utility they offer for future application like this.

Case in point: high production costs had always been perceived to be an objection to a particular client when it came to using TV ads to promote their business.  They strongly believe in marketing their business with video when it comes to events and their website and internet marketing.  Good TV-ads seemed cost prohibitive and that limited their interest in broadcast advertising campaigns.

New TV Ads for Great Client

Our approach at Brand-MD was to re-purpose as many video assets as possible. This allowed us to jump-start our creative direction and minimize the amount of new video footage required to create new TV ads.  All of the “on-location” video elements in these TV spots were gleaned from existing longer-form Showcase Videos and sales presentation materials.

We rarely create a new asset without taking into account which assets can be utilized and re-purposed. This saves on production costs – and, it better amplifies the existing theme or elements of the longer videos. This process helps to build increased repetition and brand familiarity.

New graphics and price points tie into changing monthly promotional themes.  On-screen graphics help to better emphasize points not covered in the voice overs and we change audio narration monthly for a nominal fee.

Accumulating Marketing Assets

A big trend we like and are starting to see almost everywhere: aerial drone footage.  It shows the “big picture” and helps massive businesses LOOK as big as they actually are.  We suggest spending smartly in this area – the better the provider the longer usable shelf life this video asset will have.