Direct Mail

At Brand-MD, we specialize in stand-alone direct mailings and tend to work mostly in postcard, brochure and booklet formats.
We make direct mail campaigns efficient, effective and easy for our clients.
direct-mail-icon copySales letters, brochures, catalogs and postcards – some companies even advertise in a magazine-format piece. Marriage mailing, the combining of mail with other companies for a more cost-effective effort, is an increasingly successful approach for retail and restaurant categories as well.  However, stand-alone mailings represent the bulk of daily business mail volume.

There are literally dozens of details to manage in each campaign and we bring years of marketing and printing experience to every project we undertake.

The process starts with identifying THE OFFER. What is the goal of the piece and why should consumers care?

Next, we undertake the challenge of creative messaging.  To be read by the prospect, it needs to be attractive and compelling – but, our skill set still requires research, precise planning and plenty of follow-through.

  • Creativity

    We will choose the right format and create a unique design that clearly communicates your compelling offer.

  • Printing

    We will research available vendors and methodologies to match the right supplier with the right project.

  • Data Management

    We will clean and update your data and help to research and acquire additional targeted data to augment your available customer-collected lists.

  • Mailing

    We provide clear communications with postal officials and our servicing contractors to guarantee both timely deliveries and the best available postal rates for our client.

Many industry experts would agree that at least 70% of the factors that govern your success in direct mail hinge upon THE OFFER and THE DATA;  simply making a strong offer to the right prospects is the true key to marketing and sales success.

Brand-MD offers Direct Mail expertise geared toward your success. We effectively manage ALL these variable success factors – to create Direct Mail Campaigns with a high ROI.

Direct Mail

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